Beelzebul - The Powerfull Essence of Lucifthian in Times... (CD, 00, Independent)
Gaias Pendulum - Vité (CD, 00, Debelis Records - No Reissue)
Maleficarum - The Unholy Falldown of Christianism (CD, 96, Manitú Records)
Maleficarum - At the Gates of His Kingdom (CD, 00, Manitú Records)
Manitú - Eternal Crying (CD, 98, Manitú Records - No Reissue)
Nameless - Dirge (CD, 01, Insane Records - No Reissue)
Planta Cadáver - Último Acto (CD, 00, Tribulacion Prod.)
Purulent - Patología Grotesca (CD, 99, Bizarre Prod.)
Purulent - Garavito's Pedophilia Tales (CD, 01, Mutilated Records)
Tenebrarum - Blood and Tears (CD, 95, Voodoo Records)
Tenebrarum - Divine War (CD, 97, Voodoo Records - No Reissue)


Basca (ECU) - Hijos de... (CD, 97, Subterra Records)
Chancro Duro (ECU) - Chancro en Duro (CD, 99, Cultura Rock)
En las Espesas Nieblas (PER) - Perpetuo Argona (Tape, 98, Independent)
Holocausto (HON) - B-316 (Tape, 99, American Line Prod.)
Illapa - Deshonestos y Hechiceros (CD, 95, Aquelarre Records - No Reissue)
Kabak (SLV) - Crónicas del Quirofano (CD, 01, American Line Prod.)
Kranium (PER) - Mundo Interior (CD, 06, A Sangre Fría Records)
Legion (ECU) - Ocaso de la Luz (Tape, 98, Independent - No Reissue)
Lilith (BOL) - The Conquering of the Eternal Wisdom (CD, 00, Infernum Records)
Necrofobia (ECU) - Omnipotente (Tape, 98, Independent - No Reissue)
Necromancy (BOL) - ...Y a Satanás Gloria (CD, 04, AVC)
Noctis Invocat (GUA) - Luxuria in Caellum (CD, 03, Advertere Records)
Sargatanas (MEX) - Sargatanas (MCD, 96, Wild Rags Records)
Sectarium (CUB) - Larvae (¿CD-r?, 98, Independent)
Slow Agony (PRY) - Crumbling Empires (CD, 00, Covenant Records)
Spell Forest (BRA) - Adornus Satani (CD, 01, Somber Music)
Tenebrarum (MEX) - Alta Magia (Cd, 94, American Line Prod. - No Reissue)
Teofobia (CHL) - El Arte de Matar a Dios (Tape, 96, Brutal Prod.)
Witchcraft (SLV) - Witchcraft (Tape, 98, American Line - No Reissue)


Alghazanth (FIN) - Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity (CD, 99, Woodcut Records)
And Oceans (FIN) - The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts (CD, 98, Season of Mist)
Anorexia Nervosa (FRA) - Drudenhaus (CD, 00, Osmose Productions)
Cultus Sanguine (ITA) - Shadow's Blood (CD, 97, Candlelight Records)
Cultus Sanguine (ITA) - The Sum of All Fears (CD, 99, Season of Mist)
Deinonychus (HOL) - The Silence of December (CD, 95, Cacophonous Records)
Deinonychus (HOL) - The Weeping of a Thousand Years (CD, 96, Cacophonous Records)
Forgotten Woods (NOR) - As the Wolves Gather (No Colours Recods, 1994 - No Reissue)
Godgory (SWE) - Sea of Dreams (CD, 96, Invasion Records)
Gorgoroth (NOR) - Incipit Satan (CD, 00, Nuclear Blast Records)
Hypokras (FRA) - Dead & Hungry (CD, 02, Warpath Records)
Kronos (FRA) - Titan's Awakening (CD, 01, Warpath Records)
Lux Occulta (POL) - Forever Alone Immotal (CD, 96, Pagan Records)
Martyrium (GER) - L.V.X. Occulta (CD, 94, Merciless Records)
October Tide (SWE) - Rain Without End (CD, 97, Vic Records)
Opera IX (ITA) - The Call of the Woods (CD, 95, Miscarriage Records)
Opera IX (ITA) - Sacro Culto (DIGIPACK, 98, Shiver Records)
Ophthalamia (SWE) - A Journey in Darkness (CD, 94, Avantgarde Music)
Serpent Eclipse (USA) - The Seven Desires and Wolves' Blood (CD, 02, Oaken Shield)
The Sins of Thy Beloved (NOR) - Lake of Sorrow (CD, 98, Napalm Records)
Trail of Tears (NOR) - Profoundemonium (CD, 00, Napalm Records)
Unanimated (SWE) - Ancient God of Evil (CD, 95, No Fashion Records)


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